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Natasha Brkovic Sales Associate - CA BRE# 01877006

Natasha Brkovic believes that clear and open communication is crucial for helping her clients find the home they real… Read more »

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"Wow! He is knowledgeable and knows his market through and through. He instills trust, honesty, and integrity. He is realistic and portrays an honest assessment of all the pro's and cons! He and his staff are quick to respond to your inquiries. By visiting his business suite, you meet a whole host of specialized, knowledgable support personnel, and you sense an aura of friendliness, professionalism and discipline. Their advertising techniques are state of the art and he is way ahead of his competitors, a leader in his field, not a follower. The old time large realtor firms we talked to were slow to react while Alan Shafran is like an agile gazelle. The set-up of Alan's business remind me of one of the world's great symphony orcehstra, harmonious and well-balanced, with a range of top class musicians, under the baton of Maestro Alan Shafran."

Huibert & Debbie, Carlsbad, CA / March 31, 2015
5 out of 5