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"We bought what has now become our dream home in Carlsbad about two years ago. We're nestles in a neighborhood atop a hill that overlooks the Agua Hedionda lagoon. We had been working with Mike Levison for almost a year before we found the right house which goes to show his resiliency. More importantly, it shows he didn't want us to settle. It's also worth mentioning that 2 couples we recommended to Mike bought homes through him before we even found ours! Mike is a friend to us now because of how much effort he put into making us happy. The entire process was seamless from start to finish. Oddly enough we closed on the home just a few weeks after I had left for a combat deployment. Mike took care of my wife in every manner he could to make the process easy. She never complained and only praised at how he went out of his way to accommodate us. When I got home, I couldn't believe it was the same place. Funny story... My wife deployed 5 days later. Being pilots we decided it was imperative to fly a United States flag in his honor during a flight in combat. When we presented it to him he was overcome with emotion. Mike is an upstanding human being and a man of integrity and care. He showed us his Carlsbad office where the staff was genuinely kind and welcoming. We even got an email from Alan Shafran after he heard of the flag we gave Mike. I assure you all out there- this company is out to help you get the home you want. There is not such way that these caliber employees have anything else on their agenda other than making you happy."

Rich C, Carlsbad, Ca / December 18, 2014
5 out of 5